Our Community

Our Community Outreach

At i3, giving back is one of our key operating principles.  We contribute to various organization that match our values of helping people in need and we also encourage our employees to give back.  We aim to be part of solutions, partnering with organizations that not only provide financial resources to those in need but also tangible intervention and long-term assistance to better communities locally and abroad.

Giving Back

Caring For Others

We place great significance in caring for others at i3.  We care for our employees, customers and community.  Our CEO, a first generation immigrant, came to America with nothing but his family and the clothes on his back.  He understands what it is like to emerge from poverty through hard work and the support and generosity of others that invested time, energy, and resources to help those in need.  It is an honor and a privilege to pay it forward.

Investing in Next Generation

i3 recognizes the importance of the next generation, making it a priority to invest in organizations that provide education and resources for kids around the world.  Developing and equipping the next generation to succeed translates into more opportunities and a better future for all.