Why Choose i3?

Excellence and expertise in technology distinguish i3, and we aim to recruit, develop and retain the top talent in the industry. More than qualified candidates, however, i3 seeks those individuals concerned with mission-critical programs. We value those that see beyond the day to day to contributing long-term value and making a lasting impact. We offer competitive salaries and one of the best benefits packages in the industry.

At i3, we recognize that our success in delivering exceptional IT services hinges on competent and committed employees.  We do our best to make everyone on our team feel like family and we reward growth and achievement.  We invest in personal and professional growth and value and promote innovation through mentoring and formal training.  i3 cares for its customers, employees and the community, effectively balancing their needs and promoting healthy work environments.  We foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual cooperation and equip employees with the tools and education needed to succeed.  Our culture is rooted on God's golden rule of "Do to others as you would have them do to you", guiding our treatment of customers and employees.

Are you a technology problem-solver?  Are you interested in putting your expertise to work in a variety of challenging projects and environments?  If you are a top performer in information technology, i3 wants to talk to you.

Join i3 and help us make a difference!

Hear From Our Team

Tired of working on projects that lead nowhere?
i3 pursues programs that make a significant impact, whether serving the Intelligence Community, law enforcement or other critical agencies and organizations.

Eager to hone your technological and/or project management skills in a challenging and gratifying environment?
Join i3’s team where dedicated leaders desire to develop top talent in diverse disciplines. We aim to hire, develop, engage, and retain cutting-edge talent with open minds, fearless visions, and passion for seeing those visions through.