What We Do

Application Development & DevOps Services

i3 uses a mission-driven iterative agile software development approach to quickly address customer’s business needs.  Our team of certified scrum masters, software developers, test engineers and DevOps engineers leverage industry leading development technologies to automate the build, test, and deployment processes combined with agile best practices to deliver innovative software solutions.  i3’s mature CI/CD DevOps practice significantly reduces integration problems and allows us to deliver working software rapidly, frequently and more reliably to our end users.  Our iterative agile approach ensures that product owners and end users are engaged early and any concerns are addressed swiftly.
i3 specializes in reviewing and analyzing outdated/ineffective legacy systems and transforming them into modern architectural platforms that reduces software inefficiencies, increases performance and reliability, strengthens cybersecurity, and reduces costs across the enterprise.  We help organizations implement micro-services architecture and build automated workflow processes that are flexible to address your changing business needs.

How we do it!

Agile | DevOps Toolchain

1. Plan

  • Objectives, Requirements, Metrics
  • Agile Planing

2. Create

  • Code Development
  • Implement Build Automation

3. Test & Verify

  • Continuous Testing
  • Automated Test, Acceptance, Regression

4. Packaging

  • Artifact Repository
  • Package Configuration
  • Release Staging

5. Release

  • Release Coordination
  • Deploy & Promote Applications

6. Configure

  • Infrastructure Configuration
  • Application Provision

7. Monitor

  • Infrastructure Management
  • End-user experience

8. Operate

  • Continuous Feedback
  • Configuration Management