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i3 Launches iLytics: An Innovative ChatGPT-Powered Tool for Your Organization's Data

Fairfax, Virginia 9/25/2023

Today, i3 LLC, a leading provider of emerging technology solutions, is excited to announce the launch of iLytics, a revolutionary tool that leverages the power of ChatGPT to provide instant and intelligent analytics and customized content creation capabilities. iLytics can quickly search files scattered across an organization, comprehend data, and respond to questions with lightning-fast speed and accuracy.

iLytics is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity, acting like a team of intelligent assistants.  It privately and securely analyzes vast amounts of data, all in your own cloud environment. In addition, this cutting-edge tool synthesizes both private and publicly available data to create customized content for your organization. Gone are the days of manual data mining, time-consuming searches and drafting new material from scratch – iLytics streamlines tasks, freeing up resources and reducing associated costs.

Key Features and Benefits of iLytics:

1.    Secure and Private: Automatically deploys on your own Microsoft Azure environment, eliminating the need to share data with external parties. Provisioning takes just minutes, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

2.    Fast and Intuitive: Requires no training, offers an intuitive interface, and is accessible across the organization.

3.    Comprehensive Data Synthesis: Quickly and accurately responds to queries by comprehending and analyzing various files and data sources.

4.    Human-like Understanding: Provides responses that go beyond search keywords, demonstrating a deep understanding of documents.

5.    Efficiency and Resource Optimization: Reduces the time and effort business users spend mining large amounts of data, allowing them to focus on other tasks. Also alleviates strain on limited IT resources, eliminating the need to develop in-house solutions.

6.    Customized Content Generation: Utilizes existing content to create new blogs, reports, and other forms of valuable content.

7.    Unbiased Answers: Provides reliable and unbiased responses based on the organization's internal data, eliminating the need for fact-checking external sources.

At a time when organizations are seeking ways to cut costs and maximize productivity, iLytics offers exceptional value.  iLytics helps businesses optimize their data analysis processes, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce expenses. To learn more, check out our iLytics brochure or demo or contact

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